This is Why you should use VidHOSTINGonline.

These are the top ten responses to why  you should use Vid Hostingonline.......

  • We take you through the whole process, from upload to embed.

One of the main reason we built VidHostingOnline is to make our lives easier.

In the process of using youtube, viddler and other tube sites we found that most limit the amount of mintues you can have on a video.  We also realized that some videos just where not good to be placed on these sites and we stood a chance of being banned and that wasn't good since we use these sites for marketing purposes.  The other thing is we wanted something new people could easily upload, and setup on their sites.  As it stood most of the time you have to have a major amount of knowledge on how to setup code, javascript you name it and that wasn't going to be something the average person was willing to door even knew how to.

This was a super-labour-intensive process as I'm sure you can imagine.

VidHostingOnline not only allows us to automate most of that process, but it's so simple to use, that our clients can do it themselves!  Simply add, upload, grab a simple code and place it wherever you wish on any site.

  • Edit your players at any time!

VidHostingOnline allows you to go back and edit your players at any time.  You can even view them right there in your back area login area.

Any changes that you make, will automatically be applied to the players that you have embedded on any of your websites. Control the style of your media from one place!

  • You determine the quality you're media is displayed at!

VidhostingOnline is not like the free media hosts such as YouTube, Viddler and Metacafe. We will convert your video automatically but in a high qualify format so that you don't have to worry about issues with what format your video is uploaded in.  We also depending on the plan you are on don't rescrict the length or time for the video.

  • You retain ownership of your content!

Uploading your content to free hosts generally means you grant other users the rights to embed and use YOUR content on their own websites!.

With VidHostingOnline, since you're actually using your own hosting account, you retain complete ownership of anything you upload, which also gives you the freedom to move to other services in the future if you so choose.

  • You control any branding on your media we don't put logos on video player!

When you upload files to free hosts like YouTube and Metacafe, they automatically add their branding to your files. With VidHostingOnline, this is NOT the case.  Our player is completely free of any branding so your website presentation will be so much more professional looking.

When you embed files in your website using VidHostingOnline, you get to decide what branding (if any!) is added to your content.

  • Use your media to drive traffic.

VidHostingOnline allows you to embed clickable links directly into the players you create, meaning you can drive your viewers once they've finished viewing the media.

This is particularly useful if you're promoting an affiliate product, or advertising your own service - drive your viewers directly to your sales page!

  • Track your media marketing status!

VidHostingOnline automatically tracks the number of times your media files have been viewed, and the number of times any embedded links have been clicked.

This allows you quickly and easily see which videos on which pages of your website have had the biggest effect on your media marketing efforts.

  • Upload that Long Webinar Training!

The contract for your hosting requirements is between you and VidHostingOnline is just a means of getting the most out of the low-cost hosting.

This means that there is no minimum fee for your storage and transfer costs (don't pay for something you don't use), and there are no extortionate fees for any extra volume you use, or service cut-off when you go over you allotted limits.

  • Spruce up your capture pages, Blogs and or articles!

VidHostingOnline creates simple code that you can use to embed audio and video directly into your capture pages/squeeze page and or articles to allow more powerful backlinking - and include a link back to your site!

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints a thousand pictures! - make your articles come alive as well as your blogs stand out and increase your conversions!

And Last but Not Least ...

As with all software, there's going to be times when you have problems. We have help in place with guides, video tutorials and if you still have issues simply submit a support ticket which we always try to reply to as soon as possible!

Also, if you have a killer feature that you think would make VidHostingOnline even better, let us know and we'll add it to the Ultimate Wishlist!


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